The Sun Temple – an Ancient Shrine with Erotic Motifs, India

The Sun Temple – an Ancient Shrine with Erotic Motifs, India

The Sun Temple, Modhera, Gujarat, India. Built in 1026 AD by a king, the temple is very well preserved and depicts an essence of ancient architecture, which is indeed unique. The temple complex comprises three elements: a big water reservoir, a pillared hall and the main temple.

Indian traditional art is famous for the erotic motifs, that are represented in this temple as well. For people of that era sex was an act of creating a new life, it wasn’t suppressed or shameful. Although today the temple is not used for chanting, the dance festival held here boosts the popularity of Modhera.

Why to go there?

The Sun Temple of Modhera is one of the most well preserved sanctuaries in the country.

When to go there?

The dance festival is held during the third week of January. Visitors get to see performances by the famous Indian artists.

How to get there?

By bus or train from any big Indian city. The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport is 75 km away.

Lead photo by Angshuman Chatterjee

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Photo by Nikesh Kadia

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