The Royal Pavilion – an Unexpected Piece in England

The Royal Pavilion – an Unexpected Piece in England

The Royal Pavilion, Brighton, England, UK. The Indo-Saracenic style residence was built in the 18th century for George, Prince of Wales, the future king. At the time Brighton was a popular seaside town and its fame kept on growing due to the patronage of the royalty. The palace looked really outstanding and exotic in a typical British city.

The interiors where very fancy, lavishly decorated in Indian and Islamic style. King George IV was well educated and loved the arts: incidentally composer Rossini has performed in the Pavilion’s Music Room in 1823! Today visitors are welcome to explore the spacious rooms, art collections and splendid gardens. After a tour they are invited to have a cup of tea and sweets at the cafe, overlooking the royal gardens.

Why to go there?

Brighton is a nice place to go – many day trippers from London come here. Meanwhile the Royal Pavilion is a must see once in the city. It provides many picturesque views and an insight into the history of England.

When to go there?

All year round – climate is mild all year round. The palace is closed on 24, 25 and 26 December.

How to get there?

Get there by bus, train or car from London in one hour. The Royal Pavilion is situated in the city center – get there in 15 minutes from the rail station.

Royal Pavilion3

Photo by Unknown

Royal Pavilion

Photo by Unknown

Royal Pavilion-Photo by Julien Texier

Photo by Julien Texier

Royal Pavilion4

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The Royal Pavilion, Brighton, England, UK