The Pipiwai Trail – the Most Scenic Hiking Route in Hawaii

The Pipiwai Trail – the Most Scenic Hiking Route in Hawaii

The Pipiwai Trail, Haleakala National Park, Maui, Hawaii. The route is one of the most exciting in the park and found adjacent to the Road to Hana, which provides a scenic ride. The trail stretches across a lush rainforest, features caves, waterfalls, various plants and most importantly provides a fun outdoor activity for the day trippers. The park is like a small jungle, with an entirely different world.

Hikers are being rewarded with some of the best views in Hawaii. On their way there is Makahiku Falls, which plunges down a green cliff. Great views to the valley open from the top of a hill. And also Bamboo forest – probably the most famous and popular feature – provides a tranquil and spiritual retreat. Besides the Bamboo visitors also get to see rare Banyan tree with its web of roots and branches.

Why to go there?

The trail provides a wonderful opportunity to have a hike, see great views and natural wonders. Meanwhile the Bamboo forest alone gives a good reason to visit the site. Meanwhile Haleakala National Park itself is also worth vising.

When to go there?

Try to go there when it is dry and sunny. It can be quite muddy and slippery just after the rain.

How to get there?

The trail is found on the side of the Hana Highway, across the Kipahulu Ranger Station.

Compare it to Bamboo Forest in Kyoto, Japan

Lead photo by Argen Elezi


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown


Photo by Unknown

Pipiwai-Photo by Haley Shandro

Photo by Haley Shandro

Pipiwai-Photo by Wyatt Lam

Photo by Wyatt Lam


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