The Greatest Christmas Trees of 2014

The Greatest Christmas Trees of 2014

It seem like the whole world is celebrating Christmas! From sunny Sydney and Nazareth to Capitol Hill and Californian beach – hundreds of cities have decorated their Christmas trees. Check out these stunning 23 trees – which one is the most beautiful?

23. Candy Christmas Tree in Singapore

Top Christmas Trees-Singapore

Photo by Unknown

22. World Record Human Christmas Tree In Honduras

Top Christmas Trees-Honduras-Photo by Xinhua

Photo by Xinhua

21. Christmas Market in Nazareth

Top Christmas Trees-Nazareth-Photo by wasim karam

Photo by wasim karam

20. Smithville Inn Trees in New Jersey

19. Wrocław Christmas Tree

Top Christmas Trees-Wrocław-Photo by Andrzej Ploch

Photo by Andrzej Ploch

18. Disney’s Contemporary Resort Tree

17. Garlands and Christmas Tree in Bucharest

Top Christmas Trees-Bucharest-Photo by Maria Luisa

Photo by Maria Luisa

16. Color-Changing Christmas Tree in Madrid

Top Christmas Trees-Madrid-Photo by Sebastien Berda

Photo by Sebastien Berda

15. Decorated Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in Indianapolis

Top Christmas Trees-Indianapolis-Photo by Matthew Evans

Photo by Matthew Evans

14. Cathedral Square Tree in Vilnius

Top Christmas Trees-Vilnius-Photo by ASSOCIATED PRESS


13. Kleber Square Christmas Tree in Strasbourg

Top Christmas Trees-Strasbourg

Photo by Unknown

12. Skating Rink Tree in Pittsburgh

11. LEGO Christmas Tree in Sydney

Top Christmas Trees-Sydney

Photo by Unknown

10. Brandenburg Gate Tree in Berlin

9. Tall Christmas Tree in Kongsberg

Top Christmas Trees-Kongsberg-Photo by Bram de Mooij

Photo by Bram de Mooij

8. Giant Thessaloniki Tree

Top Christmas Trees-Thessaloniki-Photo by kyrsos

Photo by kyrsos

7. Shimmering Tree in Nashville

Top Christmas Trees-Nashville

Photo by Unknown

6. Chistmas on the Beach in California

5. Martin Place Tree in Sydney

Top Christmas Trees-Martin Place-Photo by Luke Thurlby

Photo by Luke Thurlby

4. Avenida dos Aliados Tree in Porto

Top Christmas Trees-Porto-Photo by OksanaZagoruy

Photo by OksanaZagoruy

3. Christmas Tree and Shimmering Dome in Capitol Hill

Top Christmas Trees-Capitol

Photo by Unknown

2. Galeries Lafayette Christmas Tree in Paris

Top Christmas Trees-Paris-Photo by Chen Xiaowei

Photo by Chen Xiaowei

1. Floating Lights Changing Tree in Rio de Janeiro

Top Christmas Trees-Rio

Photo by Unknown