The Dark Hedges – a Spooky Avenue in Northern Ireland

The Dark Hedges – a Spooky Avenue in Northern Ireland

The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland. United Kingdom fascinates with some thrilling places, that might give you chills. Quirang, Fingal’s Cave, Giant’s Causeway – even the names sound unearthly. This road of trees, planted in the 18th century by the Stuart family, can also make you believe in wonders. Although looking quite saturnine, the avenue has a beautiful history.

The Stuart family created this avenue, which approached their Gracehill House. So that the arrival at the house would be unforgettable. Indeed – the bundle of branches create a stunning tunnel. Even the famous TV show „Game of Thrones“ used it as a set. Locals say that the Dark Hedges are haunted – a wraith of the Grey Lady appears at dusk.

Why to go there?

A truly impressive site, one of the most famous roads in the country.

When to go there?

All year round.

How to get there?

Drive about 50 miles northwest from Belfast. The Dark Hedges stretch along Bregagh Road.

Dark Hedges-Photo by Mark Geddis

Photo by Mark Geddis

Dark Hedges

Photo by Unknown

Dark Hedges-Photo by Peter Zelei

Photo by Peter Zelei

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Lead photo by Przemysław Zdrojewski