The Clifton Suspension Bridge – a Symbol of Bristol, UK

The Clifton Suspension Bridge – a Symbol of Bristol, UK

The Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol, England. Opened in 1864, the suspension bridge is one of the most recognizable symbols of this hip city in the western part of the UK. Stretched across the Avon Gorge, which boasts beautiful views to the city and the River Avon, the bridge is accessible for the cars, cyclists as well as pedestrians.

The construction was designed by William Henry Barlow and John Hawkshaw. Two towers where supposed to like Egyptian-inspired fashionable details, however they remained quite rough after the plan’s revision. Today it is a popular attraction in the always vibrant city of Bristol, that also hosts annual Balloon Fiesta – therefore there are so many pictures of balloons flying above the bridge.

Why to go there?

Bristol is popular among young adults because of lively cultural life, music scene and overall its good vibe. Meanwhile the Clifton Suspension Bridge is a must-see site once here.

When to go there?

Normally you could visit the site all year round. However in 2015 constructions will take place from March to October. Therefore scaffold might cover some views, although the bridge itself will be open. Balloon Fiesta will take place between 6-9 August this year.

How to get there?

Get there by bus from various stations in Bristol – public transportation is accessible and easy to use.

Lead photo by Mathew Roberts


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Bristol-Photo by Erik Stensland

Photo by Erik Stensland

Bristol-Photo by Luke Marsden

Photo by Luke Marsden

Bristol-Photo by Doc Snap

Photo by Doc Snap

Bristol-Photo by Syed Zaidi

Photo by Syed Zaidi