Ten Jobs That Will Allow You To Travel The World

Ten Jobs That Will Allow You To Travel The World

Are you one of those people who wait impatiently for vacation time and long weekends to get to travel? It can get frustrating, especially if you have a bad case of wanderlust going on. Don’t lose hope – the great thing about the constantly growing travel industry is it gives us more opportunities to make any travel dream of ours happen. Looking to change careers, temporarily or not, to see more of the world? Here are ten of the best options for you!

# Flight attendant

Since you’re up in the air about which career to pursue for traveling, why don’t you get literally up in the air as a flight attendant? If you meet the height requirements and are willing to attend school to learn the tricks of the trade, then you’ll love jetting off to new destinations. Some airlines will give you and your family complimentary tickets for vacations, so you can spread the love. Plus, when you’re on downtime at a new location, airlines will pay for your hotel stay. A lot to love about this life!

Flight Attendant

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# Cruise ship crew

Love being out in the open seas? You’ll enjoy working in a cruise ship! The best part about this is that there’s bound to be a job that fits your skill sets. Whether you’re a great singer, or don’t mind doing the housekeeping, you’ll find a job at a cruise ship. The best part is you won’t have to pay for both lodging and transportation. Every day or so, you’re in a new port. If you enjoy the sun and surf, this is something you should look into.

Cruise Ship Crew

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# Au pair

Those who have a knack with kids will find this job appealing. As an au pair, you’ll be in charge of looking after your host family’s children and perhaps a little work around the house. The pay might not be stellar, but you’ll usually get your accommodation and food for free. Use your days off to see more of the country you’re living in. The best part of being an au pair is that you’ll get your own family abroad too.

Au Pair

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# Working in hostels

We all know that accommodation can be your biggest expense when traveling. This is especially true in bigger cities, where space is harder to come by. You might want to check any of your prospective hostels. Some places will allow you to work for your stay – in exchange for any housework in the mornings you’ll get to stay for free. Imagine all that money saved; use it for transportation or a nice meal.


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# Teaching English

Fluent in English? You’re in luck. You may want to look into teaching the language abroad. The demand for English teachers continues to grow as the world’s population realizes the language’s value. If you’re a trained teacher, you have the upper hand; if not, catch up by taking courses towards a TEFL or CELTA certificate. You’ll integrate into new cultures during your teaching stints abroad; if you’re careful with cash, you’ll even get enough savings to travel to nearby countries!

Teaching English

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# Travel blogger

Do you like to write, or are you a whiz at the Internet? You may want to look at becoming a travel blogger and writing about your experiences. If your blog picks up steam, you’ll get offers to review destinations, hotels, and excursions – all expenses paid. There’s also some income to be made from advertising on your site. Just remember – don’t go into travel blogging if you’re willing to put in some work, as it’ll take a lot of time investment!

Travel Blogger

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# Photographer

If you’re skilled at capturing landscapes and moments, you may want to look at turning professional. The rise of social media means you have a wider, global audience to show your work to. Create a great portfolio, and make sure to use the Internet to your advantage. You might have to invest a bit for equipment, but you’ll get great work offers if your stuff is top-notch.


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# Foreign service officer

You may want to look at working for your country by representing it as a foreign service officer. You’ll learn the ins and outs of etiquette and social graces, so it’s great if you have a knack at personal interaction. You probably won’t have much control over where you’re assigned to work, but you’ll get an inside look at your host country that most travelers won’t. You’ll also be serving fellow citizens – how cool is that?

Foreign Service Officer

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# Tour guide

This is the perfect career path for people who are gifted at telling stories. It’s also a job for people with great memories, as you’ll have to remember a lot of details. Being a tour guide will also keep you sharp as you take in new information about a destination. This is great if you love to come back to destinations you love. A great benefit is helping other visitors fall in love with your favorite places, too.

Travel Guide

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# Travel agent

First-hand knowledge is very powerful, so a travel agent should know what they’re talking about when they recommend a trip or a destination! Agents will also get the benefit of knowing about the best deals before the general public. You’ll also be able to get some all-expenses-paid trips to destinations that your agency might want to promote. If you love planning trips, then this is the perfect job for you to pursue.

Travel Agent

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