Shimmering Aurora in Enigmatic Lapland, Finland

Shimmering Aurora in Enigmatic Lapland, Finland

Lapland, Finland. Aurora is called a firefox by the Finns, who used to believe that the lights were a result of a fox causing fire with its tail. It is a nightly phenomena in winter and the locals hardly pay any attention. However, the visitors find it breathtaking and never boring, since its colors and forms are constantly changing.

The frequency of the Northern Lights depend on a solar activity and sometimes can be seen in the southern parts in Finland. However, in Lapland they are the most frequent and can be observed two nights out of three. In general this place is somewhat magical, fairy-like land, where Santa Claus lives. If you dream of winter, come to Lapland!

Why to go there?

The best place to see beautiful Aurora and enjoy winter fun.

When to go there?

Anytime – this year the Sun is still very active and it is the best time to see Aurora.

How to get there?

By bus or train – the access is easy, since Lapland is a popular tourist destination.

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Lead photo by Tiina Törmänen

Edwin Kats

Photo by Edwin Kats

Michael Liu

Photo by Michael Liu

Joni Niemelä

Photo by Joni Niemelä

Jorma Luhta

Photo by Jorma Luhta

Mikko Lönnberg

Photo by Mikko Lönnberg

Sampsa Wesslin

Photo by Sampsa Wesslin

Nicholas Roemmelt

Photo by Nicholas Roemmelt

ReZ Photography

Photo by ReZ Photography

Nicholas Roemmelt2

Photo by Nicholas Roemmelt

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