Phoenix Ancient Town – a Historic Jewel in China

Phoenix Ancient Town – a Historic Jewel in China

Fenghuang (Phoenix Ancient Town), Hunan Province, China. Phoenix Ancient Town is situated in Hunan Province, which is famous for its glorious nature and unique Tianmen mountains. Its name comes from a legend, which has it that two Phoenix birds flew over the city and decided to reside because they were mesmerized by its beauty.

The historic town has rich culture: from a few ethnic languages and customs, to arts and architecture. The Ming and Qing style buildings are very well preserved and protected by UNESCO. Fenghuang is often regarded as the most beautiful town in China for a good reason: surrounded with wonderful nature, having historic architecture it is a popular tourist attraction.

Why to go there?

A very authentic Chinese town, accessible and popular among the travelers.

When to go there?

The town drops into a subtropical climate zone: it is humid, winters are short and mild, summers are hot.

How to get there?

By bus from Changsha or Zhangjiajie. Or get there by plane: Tongren Fenghuang Airport is 30 km away.

Lead photo by Edwin Leung

Edwin Leung

Photo by Edwin Leung

Raoul d'Aubigny

Photo by Raoul d’Aubigny

Stephen Patterson

Photo by Stephen Patterson

Peter Stewart2

Photo by Peter Stewart

Peter Stewart3

Photo by Peter Stewart

KitchaKron sonnoy

Photo by Kitcha Kron Sonnoy

Peter Stewart

Photo by Peter Stewart

John Crux

Photo by John Crux

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Photo by Vincent Wong

Vincent Wong

Photo by Vincent Wong


Photo by LostFaith


Photo by LostFaith

Stephen Patterson2

Photo by Stephen Patterson

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