Overlooking the World from Hum Hod Cliff in Thailand

Overlooking the World from Hum Hod Cliff in Thailand

Hum Hod Cliff, Sai-Thong National Park, Thailand. Found in Chaiyaphum province, a mountainous area, park features versatile unspoiled nature, waterfalls and viewpoints, from where an impressive scenery opens. The place also features vast flower fields: Siam tulip is a local icon and is in full bloom from June to August.

Ham Hod Cliff viewpoint is not for the cowardly – at 860 m (2821 ft) above sea level a narrow rock seems to be protruding above the abyss. However, overwhelming panorama to the forest takes visitors’ breath away. Along the way to the top, hikers pass the Siam tulip field and move towards Pung Poey Mountain. Tourists also love to have a refreshing dip in the Wang Sai pond, which lies below outstanding Sai Thong waterfall.

Why to go there?

Wonderful nature, great hiking trails, unforgettable panoramic views.

When to go there?

The rainy season takes place from June to August. However it is the time when Siam tulips bloom.

How to get there?

The park is 70 km (43 mi) from Chaiyaphum and 37 km (23 mi) from Nong Bua Rahaeo. Get there by car, taking Highway No 225.

Lead photo by Photos of Thailand

Hum Hod

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