Lago del Predil – One of the Most Scenic Recreational Areas in Italy

Lago del Predil – One of the Most Scenic Recreational Areas in Italy

Lago del Predil, Italy. Found in the Province of Udine, near the Slovenian border, the lake is surrounded by forests and alpine landscape. There is a small island in the middle. The legend has it, that once here used to be a village. One night a woman and her child came here asking for a shelter. Nobody except one poor family welcomes them. The next morning the village was awash except the house with the hospitable family.

The lake provides a recreational area. The crystal clear water and a beach area provide an exhilarating swim on a hot day. There are also rowboats, sailboats, pedalos, surf bikes, kayaks and even a windsurf school for the active visitors! But no hotels, no shops or bars in order to maintain peaceful, ecological, natural area. The travelers come here through the Predil Pass, which also provides a scenic ride.

Why go there?

The second largest lake in the area, providing a tranquil and beautiful place to relax.

When to go there?

In summer. In winter the lake gets covered in ice.

How to get there?

Get there by car using the No. 54 del Friuli highway.

Predil Lake-Photo by Steve Price

Photo by Steve Price

Predil Lake-Photo by piussi andrea

Photo by piussi andrea

Predil Lake-Photo by Béla Stéhli

Photo by Béla Stéhli

Predil Lake-Photo by Vesna Zivcic

Photo by Vesna Zivcic