Kanarra Creek – a Picturesque Small Canyon in Zion, USA

Kanarra Creek – a Picturesque Small Canyon in Zion, USA

Kanarra Creek, Zion National Park, Utah, USA. This little canyon is one of the best destinations in Zion for a couple of reasons. First of all it is truly beautiful. Secondly, it is easily accessible from the highway, so the visitors can simply make a stop for a day trip and go see the site. Besides Kanarra Creek provides great opportunities for the photographers.

The canyon features a creek, which is the main water source for the village of Kanarraville. Therefore the tourists are being asked to pick up their trash and not to bring animals with them. There are rickety ladders that allow to navigate the gorge and continue the trail, which features changing sites: pools, cascades and waterfalls.

Why to go there?

The hike isn’t very hard, but promises some unforgettable views.

When to go there?

In summer when water is not freezing cold, because one has to wade the creek at some sections.

How to get there?

By car – from Springdale take Highway 9 to Kanarraville. You can park your car at Town Hall and then walk to the hiker’s gate where the trail begins.

Lead photo by Chi Liu

Kanarra Creek-Photo by Danilo Faria2

Photo by Danilo Faria

Kanarra Creek

Photo by Unknown

Kanarra Creek2

Photo by Unknown

Kanarra Creek-Photo by Chris Hood

Photo by Chris Hood

Kanarra Creek-Photo by Danilo Faria

Photo by Danilo Faria

Kanarra Creek-Photo by Gregory Chong

Photo by Gregory Chong

Kanarra Creek-Photo by Iven Eissner

Photo by Iven Eissner