Helsinki – a Great Choice to Visit This Christmas, Finland

Helsinki – a Great Choice to Visit This Christmas, Finland

Helsinki, Finland. The country of snow and ice, where Santa Claus lives, is always a good choice for a winter holiday. The city offers plenty of versatile activities, that include outdoor fun as well as all the urban facilities. Helsinki turns on the Christmas lights and mood before December. The season features festive events, carol singing and concerts. Restaurants serve seasonal specialties, while at the Christmas markets you can warm up with delicious mulled wine.

Locals and guests can go skiing right there in the city! Helsinki is surrounded with forests, that feature 200 km of trails perfect for skiing. The hills are great to sledge – this is a beloved family activity. Meanwhile skating rinks in the town are always busy as well. Walking on the frozen ice of the Baltic Sea is another popular, quite unusual activity. And of course the most famous Finish Sauna experience, which features a plunge into an ice-cold water, is a must!

Why to go there?

Discover Helsinki in winter: the numerous outdoor activities, delicious food at the restaurants, Christmas lights and festive events make it a wonderful winter destination. Those of you who miss snow should be especially interested: the Northern country never lacks it at this time of the year.

When to got there?

The Christmas lights are turned on on 23 November. In December there are various events and of course a New Year’s Eve with fireworks, music and entertainment. January is the season of blinis – a traditional dish, originated from Russia.

How to get there?

Get there by plane from various European cities. By train from Russia. By boat from Germany, Estonia, Russia, Poland or Sweden.

Lead photo by Thomas Leppä

Helsinki - a Great Choice to Visit This Christmas, Finland

Photo by Asad Malik

Helsinki-Photo by Pajunen

Photo by Pajunen

Helsinki-Photo by Jori Samonen

Photo by Jori Samonen

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