Haystack Rock – a Signature Landmark in Oregon, USA

Haystack Rock – a Signature Landmark in Oregon, USA

Haystack Rock, Oregon, USA. Posited on Cannon Beach a 72 m (235 ft) sea stack is a result of water erosion. It is also probably the most famous feature in this coast, for locals are convinced that Haystack is the third tallest sea stack in the world.

There are much more such rock formations scattered on the Oregon coastline. The Needles – smaller rocks – surround Haystack Rock. There are also numerous islands, pillars and arches around. Besides a lot of sea animals live here and some birds come to nest here, so visitors can admire an intense wildlife.

Why to go there?

A really dramatic shore provides a nice spot to hike, take pictures and watch marine animals and sea birds like puffins, terns, crabs, starfish and more.

When to go there?

Anytime. Although summers can get a bit crowded.

How to get there?

The best way to get there is by car, since there is a huge parking lot. The site is located 130 km (80 mi) from Portland. US Route 101 is the nearest major road, that passes by.

Lead photo by Ben Coffman

Haystack Rock

Photo by Unknown

Haystack Rock2

Photo by Unknown

Haystack Rock3

Photo by Unknown

Haystack Rock4

Photo by Unknown

Haystack Rock-Photo by Duane Bender

Photo by Duane Bender

Haystack Rock-Photo by Eric Bier

Photo by Eric Bier

Haystack Rock-Photo by Ben Coffman2

Photo by Ben Coffman