Hanauma Bay – the Best Place to Go Snorkeling in Hawaii

Hanauma Bay – the Best Place to Go Snorkeling in Hawaii

Hanauma Bay, Oʻahu, Hawaii. A true natural wonder, the bay is the most popular destination on the island of Oʻahu. It is hard to believe, but sometimes it attracts 3 million visitors per year! It is also a Nature Preserve, since it features a very rich and versatile marine life.

Visitors come here to sun bathe and swim of course, but snorkeling and exploring a plethora of colorful fish, turtles and corals is the most desirable activity here. Pristine marine ecosystem is indeed impressive and therefore protected by the state to ensure its preservation.

Why to go there?

The bay is incredibly beautiful, besides a rich coral reef provides a great opportunity to discover the entire underwater world. Agencies organize snorkeling tours and provide all the necessary facilities.

When to go there?

Hanauma Bay is closed every Tuesday, so plan your trip any other day from 6am till 6pm.

How to get there?

You can get there on your own via H1 Freeway from Waikiki or be taken there by a travel agency.

Lead photo by Floyd Manzano

Hanauma Bay

Photo by Unknown

Hanauma Bay2

Photo by Unknown

Hanauma Bay3

Photo by Unknown

Hanauma Bay-Photo by Jason Matias

Photo by Jason Matias

Hanauma Bay-Photo by Karim Kanoun

Photo by Karim Kanoun

Hanauma Bay-Photo by Randy Storms

Photo by Randy Storms

Hanauma Bay-Photo by RB Rono

Photo by RB Rono

Hanauma Bay-Photo by Rick Swank

Photo by Rick Swank

Hanauma Bay-Photo by To Hawaii

Photo by To Hawaii