Golden Canola Fields in Luoping, China

Golden Canola Fields in Luoping, China

Luoping County, Yunnan, China. Located in the southern province of China, Luoping provides some fascinating sites. Just like Yuanyang – another county in Yunnan – which is famous for the rice field terraces, Luoping has it own natural wonders.

Every spring the fields here turn into the vibrant golden sea of Canola – also known as rapeseed. Vast areas get covered in these precious rapeseed flowers, from whom cooking oil is being made. The best panoramic views open from the mountains and peaks like the Golden Rooster Hill.

Why to go there?

The most exciting flowery landscapes, attracting tourists and photographers.

When to go there?

Canola fields blossom from February to April.

How to get there?

You can visit the whole county on a guided tour. If on your own, reach Luoping by bus from Qujing and Kunming.

Canola Fields2

Photo by Unknown

Canola Fields-Photo by Meo Gia

Photo by Meo Gia

Canola Fields3

Photo by Unknown

Canola Fields4

Photo by Unknown

Canola Fields-Photo by Achilles shan

Photo by Achilles shan

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