Geirangerfjorden – a Scenic Fjord and Picturesque Village in Norway

Geirangerfjorden – a Scenic Fjord and Picturesque Village in Norway

Geirangerfjorden, Norway. This scenic site is a 15 km (9.3 mi) long fjord, which is a branch of the Storfjord – a 110 km (68 mi) long fjord. A small but picturesque village of Geiranger is situated at the end of this branch. The site is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Norway. Since 2005 it has been protected by UNESCO as it has been listed as the World Heritage Site.

The mountainous landscape is covered with lush vegetation and can be admired from several viewpoints. The fjord can also be viewed from a cruise in the Geirangelva river. Numerous waterfalls that plunge from the steep rock walls add up an extra charm to the place. Tourists also like kayaking, fishing and hiking here, while in winter it makes a great skiing spot.

Why to go there?

Great views, a popular tourist destination, various activities.

When to go there?

Anytime – there are all year round activities.

How to get there?

Easy access by car, bus or boat from various Norwegian cities.

Lead photo by Will Burrard-Lucas

Geirangerfjorden-Photo by Max Rive2

Photo by Max Rive

Geirangerfjorden-Photo by Tom Opdebeeck

Photo by Tom Opdebeeck

Geirangerfjorden-Photo by Vito Muolo

Photo by Vito Muolo

Geirangerfjorden-Photo by Ghost Farm

Photo by Ghost Farm

Geirangerfjorden-Photo by Max Rive

Photo by Max Rive

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