El Ateneo Grand and Splendid Bookstore in Argentina

El Ateneo Grand and Splendid Bookstore in Argentina

El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It said to be the second most beautiful bookstore in the whole world! From 1919 to 2000 the building was home to historic Teatro Gran Splendid. Various theater and tango performances were staged here. However, today an impressive book and music store is founded here.

The shop attracts approximately 1 million visitors each year! Believe it or not, but most of them are actually shoppers: for instance, in 2007 an incredible number of 700 000 books was sold. The building itself obviously is worth visiting: wonderful ceilings, sculptures, frescoes, theater boxes, even a stage with a curtain were made by the finest Italian and Argentinian artists as well as architects.

Why to go there?

A real architectural wonder in beautiful and vibrant Buenos Aires. Not only one can purchase books and music, but also admire a historic building, which hosts a sumptuous interior.

When to go there?

The store is open all year round.

How to get there?

El Ateneo is found on Santa Fe Avenue (Avenida Santa Fe). Get there by bus – public transportation is popular and easy to use in the city.

El Ateneo

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El Ateneo-Photo by Carla Wosniak

Photo by Carla Wosniak

El Ateneo-Photo by Guy Howard

Photo by Guy Howard

El Ateneo-Photo by Jorge Pozzi

Photo by Jorge Pozzi

El Ateneo-Photo by Martin Rojas

Photo by Martin Rojas

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Photo by Nicolas Zonvi

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Photo by Nicolas Zonvi

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Photo by Taeseok Kim