Dramatic Coast with Fjords in Patagonia, Chile

Dramatic Coast with Fjords in Patagonia, Chile

Fjords in Patagonia, Chile. The southern part of the country has a dramatic coast, with numerous fjords and channels. The Spanish conquistadores were the first to explore the shoreline, which was difficult to navigate until a detailed map had been drawn.

Today this coast provides a waterway, since Chile is quite tough to navigate by land at some points. Meanwhile tourists are offered to explore the shoreline and fjords on a cruise. One can choose from a day trip to a three week journey around the southern part of the continents, which promises numerous great views.

Why to go there?

There are only a few places on Earth with fjords. Chile is proud to be one of them. Mountains, glaciers, rare animals and unspoiled Patagonian nature attract the adventurers from around the world.

When to go there?

Usually the cruises take off from various points between September and April.

How to get there?

Travel in Chile by bus, ship or plane. Various travel agencies offer a range of cruises, that provide versatile trips. Just pick one you love the most.

Lead photo by Maria Stenzel

Chile Fjords2

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Chile Fjords-Photo by Kim Barnes

Photo by Kim Barnes

Chile Fjords-Photo by Quin Murray

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Chile Fjords-Photo by Louis Imbert

Photo by Louis Imbert

Chile Fjords

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