Chandra Taal – Lake of the Moon in the Himalayas, India

Chandra Taal – Lake of the Moon in the Himalayas, India

Chandra Taal, the Himalayas, India. Also known as the Lake of the Moon, the gorgeous natural wonder is found in the Spiti Valley, which sprawls across India and neighbors Tibet. It is situated high in the mountains – however even at an altitude of 4 300 m (14 100 ft) it is quite often visited by the hikers and campers.

It is said that traders from Tibet have discovered the lake – they would set a camp here and rest before continuing their trip. As for the name, it stems from the lake’s crescent shape and blue color, which however shifts depending on the sky. Just like the Moon, which changes its shape! Chandra Bhaga mountain range surrounds the lake, thus creating a breathtaking backdrop.

Why to go there?

The valley is a popular tourist destination – it offers numerous amazing views and hiking trails. Meanwhile the lake is an indeed beautiful feature of Spiti.

When to go there?

From late May to early October. For the rest of the year the lake is frozen and the path becomes inaccessible.

How to get there?

On foot from Kunzum Pass or Batal.

Chandra Taal-Photo by Dhurjati Chatterjee

Photo by Dhurjati Chatterjee

Chandra Taal2

Photo by Unknown

Chandra Taal

Photo by Unknown

Chandra Taal-Photo by mrichat

Photo by mrichat

Chandra Taal-Photo by Nomadic Shoes

Photo by Nomadic Shoes

Chandra Taal-Photo by Lopamudra

Photo by Lopamudra