Caño Cristales – the River of Five Colors in Colombia

Caño Cristales – the River of Five Colors in Colombia

Caño Cristales, Meta Department, Colombia. Also known as the River of Five Colors, Caño Cristales is the most spectacular natural wonder in the country. Found in the mountain range of Serranía de la Macarena, the river mesmerizes with amazing colors: vivacious yellow, green, blue, black and red shades quiver from the bottom.

The Liquid Rainbow is caused by a unique phenomena: a red plant – Macarenia clavigera – growing in the riverbed. Other colors come from black rocks, green algae, blue water and yellow sand, producing an iridescent effect. The river also features waterfalls, pools and caverns, making it even more dramatic. Furthermore – there are no fish or other creatures, so visitors can enjoy uninterrupted bathing in Caño Cristales.

Why to go there?

A stunning natural wonder, very photogenic and nice to swim in.

When to go there?

The river becomes colorful from July through November.

How to get there?

That is quite a challenging task. First get to Villavicencio from Bogota by plane or bus. From Villavicencio catch a plane to La Macarena. From here you can hire a guide, that would lead you to the river.

Caño Cristales

Photo by Unknown

Caño Cristales5

Photo by Unknown

Caño Cristales-Photo by Alberto Acero2

Photo by Alberto Acero

Caño Cristales-Photo by Alberto Acero

Photo by Alberto Acero

Caño Cristales-Photo by Peter Fitzgerald

Photo by Peter Fitzgerald

Caño Cristales-Photo by Second Globe

Photo by Second Globe

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