Bovec – Beautiful Town in the Julian Alps, Slovenia

Bovec – Beautiful Town in the Julian Alps, Slovenia

Bovec, Littoral, Slovenia. The town lies in the picturesque Trenta Valley, surrounded with the Julian Alps and bordering Italy. In fact, it has become a beloved site by the filmmakers recently, who would pick it to make their epic stories unforgettable. No wonder Bovec thrives from tourism, since it is one of the most favorite destinations in Slovenia.

The Soča River, whose source is found here, is probably the most remarkable natural wonder here. It is famous for its vibrant turquoise water – thus its nickname is the Emerald Beauty. Tourists come here to participate in various water sports, mainly kayaking and fishing. The unspoiled nature and canyons also provide great opportunities to hike or even paraglide.

Why to go there?

Beautiful unspoiled nature provides a wide range of activities. Also you will find all the facilities, since it is a popular tourist destination.

When to go there?

All year round: go hiking, canyoning and kayaking during the warmer part of the year, go skiing in the ski resorts during winter.

How to get there?

It is only 136 km (85 mi) from Ljubljana. Get there by bus or car. Traveling from Austria and Italy provides a very scenic ride.

Bovec-Photo by Slotrips

Photo by Slotrips

Bovec-Photo by Andreas Resch

Photo by Andreas Resch

Bovec-Photo by Alan Gorjan

Photo by Alan Gorjan


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