Bagan – a Strikingly Beautiful Ancient City in Myanmar

Bagan – a Strikingly Beautiful Ancient City in Myanmar

Bagan, Mandalay Region, Myanmar. The ancient city, founded around the 9th century, Bagan once was the heart of Pagan Empire. Today it is still the center of attraction: Bagan is the main tourist destination in the country.

There are 2000 monuments built in a relatively small area. Pagodas and stupas prove Bagan once being not only a political and economical, but also a religious center since Buddhism has flourished here. The sacred buildings today mark various eras and styles.

Bagan is one of the greatest archeological sites in the world. The well preserved or restored monuments contain statues of Buddha, frescoes and carvings. The number of visitors increases every year, as people learn more about this wonderful jewel of Myanmar.

Why to go there?

Discover one of the most exciting archeological and well preserved sites in the world.

When to go there?

It is a dry zone. Go anytime, but try to avoid the hottest months – February to May.

How to get there?

By plane, bus or train from Yangon and Mandalay.

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Lead photo by Anuparb Papapan

Charungroj Bunphabuth

Photo by Charungroj Bunphabuth

Anuparb Papapan

Photo by Anuparb Papapan

Joseph Borsi

Photo by Joseph Borsi

Tonnaja Anan Charoenkal

Photo by Tonnaja Anan Charoenkal

Pepe Alcaide

Photo by Pepe Alcaide

Navalarp Teratanatorn

Photo by Navalarp Teratanatorn

Anuparb Papapan4

Photo by Anuparb Papapan

La Mo2

Photo by La Mo

La Mo

Photo by La Mo

Dima Chatrov

Photo by Dima Chatrov

Anuparb Papapan2

Photo by Anuparb Papapan

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