29 Breathtaking Sites in Australia

29 Breathtaking Sites in Australia

One of our most favorite countries, occupying the whole continent and providing inexhaustible opportunities for the travelers! Australia hosts various natural wonders, rarest animals, found only here, warm turquoise waters, rugged surfaces and sacred sites, protected by the native Australians. Meanwhile its cities boast a blend of hip urban culture and lush environment as well as beaches, that attract surfers and bathers. Check out these incredible sites and prepare to have your breath taken away!

29. Wave Rock, Hyden, Western Australia

Top Australia-Wave Rock-Photo by AlanM images

Photo by AlanM images

28. Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve, Northern Territory

Top Australia-Devils-Photo by Bryce World

Photo by Bryce World

27. Kiama, New South Wales

Top Australia-Kiama -Photo by Dave Whiteman

Photo by Dave Whiteman

26. Homebush Bay, Sydney

25. Twelve Apostles, Victoria

Top Australia-Twelve Apostles

Photo by Unknown

24. Kakadu National Park

Top Australia-Kakadu

Photo by Unknown

23. Maria Island, Tasmania

Top Australia-Maria

Photo by Unknown

22. Hanging Rock, Victoria

Top Australia-Hanging Rock -Photo by Raf Horemans

Photo by Raf Horemans

21. The Golden Cliff, Blue Mountains

20. Uluru, Northern Territory

Top Australia-Uluru-Photo by Petr Marek

Photo by Petr Marek

19. Hamilton Island Yacht Charter

Top Australia-Hamilton

Photo by Unknown

18. Adelaide

Top Australia-Adelaide

Photo by Unknown

17. Mitchell Waterfalls

Top Australia-Mitchell Waterfalls

Photo by Unknown

16. Brisbane

Top Australia-Brisbane

Photo by Unknown

15. Jervis Bay, New South Wales

Jervis Bay, New South Wales, Australia White sand beach and clear blue water, Jervis Bay, Australia

14. Lord Howe Island

Top Australia-Lord Howe Island

Photo by Unknown

13. Wilpena Pound, South Australia

Top Australia-Wilpena-Photo by PR Howard

Photo by PR Howard

12. Purnululu National Park

Top Australia-Purnululu

Photo by Unknown

11. MacKenzie Falls, Victoria

Top Australia-MacKenzie-Photo by Jason Freeman

Photo by Jason Freeman

10. Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island

9. Rottnest Island

Top Australia-Rottnest Island

Photo by Unknown

8. Darwin

Top Australia-Darwin

Photo by Unknown

7. The Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

6. Perth

Top Australia-Perth

Photo by Unknown

5. Melbourne

Top Australia-Melbourne

Photo by Unknown

4. Gold Coast, Queensland

Top Australia-Gold Coast

Photo by Unknown

3. Sydney

Top Australia-Sydney

Photo by Unknown

2. Lake Hillier, Middle Island

1. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Queensland