20 New Year’s Eve Celebrations

20 New Year’s Eve Celebrations

One of the most exciting celebrations of the year is coming! All around the world people will walk out into the streets to admire a wonderful fireworks show and welcome 2015. Check out these stunning pictures that capture the fest in various cities.

We wish you a happy New Year and great new beginnings!

20. Bratislava, Slovakia

Top New Year-Bratislava-Photo by Pat Callaham

Photo by Pat Callaham

19. Reykjavik, Iceland

Top New Year-Reykjavik

Photo by Unknown

18. Sydney, Australia

Top New Year-Sydney

Photo by Unknown

17. Bangkok, Thailand

Top New Year-Bangkok-Photo by Rickyloca

Photo by Rickyloca

16. Budapest, Hungary

Top New Year-Budapest

Photo by Unknown

15. Vilnius, Lithuania

Top New Year-Vilnius

Photo by Unknown

14. Velden am W├Ârthersee, Austria

Top New Year-Velden-Photo by Falkensteiner

Photo by Falkensteiner

13. Rome, Italy

Top New Year-Rome

Photo by Unknown

12. Ottawa, Canada

Top New Year-Ottawa

Photo by Unknown

11. Varanasi, India

Top New Year-Varanasi-Photo by harsh vardhan

Photo by harsh vardhan

10. Las Vegas, USA

Top New Year-Las Vegas

Photo by Unknown

9. Istanbul, Turkey

Top New Year-Istanbul-Photo by Duny Gad

Photo by Duny Gad

8. Prague, The Czech Republic

Top New Year-Prague

Photo by Unknown

7. Auckland, New Zealand

Top New Year-Auckland-Photo by Eli Shaul

Photo by Eli Shaul

6. Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Top New Year-Monte-Carlo

Photo by Unknown

5. Berlin, Germany

Top New Year-Berlin

Photo by Unknown

4. Singapore

Top New Year-Singapore

Photo by Unknown

3. Melbourne, Australia

Top New Year-Melbourne

Photo by Unknown

2. Dubai, UAE

1. Tokyo, Japan

Top New Year-Tokyo

Photo by Unknown